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  • What days do you host Follow Trains?
    @MotherhoodLoop host every Monday & Thursday @ 2pm EST @Our.Motherhood.Tribe host every Tuesday @ 2pm EST
  • Do I have to pay in order to participate?
    No, you do not have to pay in order to participate. If you participate for free, you are required to follow everyone back and post our image on your IG feed for 18 hours (until the train is over). We do offer very limited paid spots (also referred to as ghost spots) and these spots are not required to post the image or follow anyone back. You can find out more details about both of these spots on our IG page @motherhoodloop Please send us a DM if you have any questions and we will be happy to explain everything in more detail.
  • What is a Ghost spot?
    A Ghost Spot is a paid spot in our Follow Train. As a ghost, you are not required to post anything to your feed or follow anyone back. Our ghost spots are limited and are normally sold out 1-2 weeks in advance. Ghost spots are $20 per follow train on @motherhoodloop and $15 per train on @our.motherhood.tribe The price difference is due to the size of both pages. We do offer bundle discounts if you purchase more than one spot. Send us a DM on IG @motherhoodloop for more details and to be added to one of our ghost chats where we post updated availability.
  • Do you offer discounts if I purchase more than one spot?
    Yes! We do offer discounts and bundle deals if you purchase more than one spot. Send us a DM on IG @motherhoodloop and we will give you all of the pricing details.
  • Where do the followers come from?
    We have a team of women who work hard every day to invite new people to particiapte in our follow trains. We find women all over different social media platforms who are moms, influeners, bloggers etc. to join in on our events. Our participants are women only and mainly consist of USA/CAN/UK accounts.
  • Do I have to be a mom to participate?
    Nope! You do not have to be a mom. We are a women only community, so as long as you are a women, you will fit right in!
  • What is a Giveaway and how do I host one?
    A giveaway is another fun way to grow your social media account. "Host" are the people who all buy-in to the giveaway to esstentially fund the prize. As a host, anyone who enters to win the prize will be required to follow you in order to be eligible. The cost to host a giveway with our page @the.gifting.tribe is normally $44 for ghost spots and $25 for posting spots. These prices can change, so please make sure to check out our host page for accurate pricing Please send us a DM on IG if you are interested or need more info.
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